From the Dragon Herald

Greetings unto the heralds, pursuivants, scribes, and populace of the Great Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander, Dragon Principal Herald.

It is my pleasure this day to announce some appointments to offices under my purview as Dragon Herald.

Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen is the new Lincoln Herald, the Regional Herald for the Midlands. Signore Guillaume Gallatini is the new Oaken Herald, the Regional Herald for the North Oaken Region. Lord Sebastian Hunzicker is the new Lunar Pursuivant, the deputy to Constellation Herald. Lady Sorcha Fraser is the new Dragon Signet.

Since Guillaume was the Bicorporate Pursuivant, the deputy to the Oaken Herald, that office is now open. If you would like to apply for the office of Bicorporate Pursuivant send you application to me at and to Guillaume at

We also are still looking for applicants for the positions of Lakes Pursuivant, deputy to Fenris Herald in Pentamere, and Prairie Pursuivant, deputy to Lincoln Herald in Midlands. If interested send you applications to myself and the appropriate Regional.

I would like to thank Dame Estelle de la Mer for her service as Dragon Signet and again thank Master Daniel Eysham of Tweed and His Lordship Piotr Zavilov for their long service as Midlands and North Oaken Region Heralds.

In service to Crown and College,

Konrad Dragon

Court Reports – January AS LI

Court of Their Majesties Edmund and Kateryn, 7 January AS 51 (CE 2017), held at Twelfth Night in Cynnabar. Heralded by Chaya-Simcha bat Yonah, Konrad Mailander, Eadred Alford. Seneschal was were Artemesia Voltera.

  • Baton: Katherine MacDermot
  • Dragon’s Treasure: Alexander von Lübeck
  • AoA: Bronach inghean Mathghama, Valgautr Ormstunga, Gandalfr Skeggje
  • Red Company: Louis le Coffrier, Kjell Smiðr
  • Purple Fret: Arriss End Starre
  • Willow: Rychesa Tkaczka, Una Uilebaine
  • Evergreen: JahanAra bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza
  • Greenwood Company: William O’hAnain
  • Dragon’s Heart: Genoveva von Lübeck


From the Minister of Arts & Sciences – A&S Faires!

Greetings to all the Artisans, Craftspersons, Inventors, Creators, Dancers, Singers, Actors, Players, Writers, Smiths, Brewers, Fabricators and Merrymakers of the MIdrealm!

Arts and Sciences Faire Season is underway!

February 4, 2017, Constellation Regional A&S Faire/Better War Through Archery, Barony of Sternfeld, Danville, IN, Is COMPLETED, and all eight entries are eligible to go on to the Kingdom Faire!

We have FOUR more Regional Faires: (more…)

From Their Royal Highnesses – Crown List Info

Greetings from William and Isolde, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom.

As we continue our travels, we greatly appreciate those who have taken the time to give us counsel, commentary and recommendations. We would like to reiterate—you do not need to be a peer or “someone important” to come and talk to us. We are here to serve the Crown and the Kingdom and hope you will feel free to come and chat with us at least to say hello and introduce yourselves. (more…)

Position Opening – Society Corporate Treasurer

The Board of Directors is accepting applications for the position of Corporate Treasurer. This is a part-time, stipend position, which requires approximately 5-10 hours per week except when finalizing the yearly budget.

Applicants must be available for at least the October quarterly Board Discussion Session (typically held on Friday), in addition to the October Board meeting (typically on Saturday). Additional traveling may be required. (more…)

Call for Performers at Coronation!

Greetings fellow performers, musicians, and bards!

Their Royal Highnesses William and Isolde’s Coronation is fast approaching. With that in mind there must be celebration! Music! Stories!! Laughter and tears!!!

Please note – there will be a space for performing artists to book time next to the Arts & Science area at this event. (more…)

From Their Highnesses – Pennsic War Staff

Greetings Citizens of the Midrealm from William and Isolde. Many of you know our Pennsic planning is well under way and we would like to officially announce the following staff postings for the army:

  • General of the Armies – Denewulf Ivarsson
  • Executive Officer – Seto Gesshuko
  • Chief of Staff – Baron Max
  • Rapier General – Warder Mirabai
  • Belted Champions Commander – Duke Edmund
  • Unbelted Champions Commander – Captain Eskil Haraldsson
  • Unbelted Champions XO – Cruaddon Ap Cruach

Many more announcements regarding staff positions will be coming in the near future but we wanted to get these out there for anyone working or helping with early army planning and champions team training. We greatly appreciate the time, love and labor these individual put in to help field our army to Pennsic War.

If you have any questions feel free to PM us privately or speak to us at any event on our progress (there are a lot of them).

In Service
William & Isolde, Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom

November Heraldic Decisions

The November Letter of Acceptances and Returns has been published. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. The letter can be found online here:
Official notification will be sent to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant, Thora Grimudottir. Look for an email form; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification.

Agmundr Skúli. Name.

Artare MacBane. Name and device. Per saltire argent and azure, a pawprint and a bordure sable.
Submitted as Artair McBane, the given name was changed at Kingdom to Artúr to match the documentation that could be found. In commentary, Christopher Liber documented the English given name Artare in the FamilySearch Historical Records. As to the byname, the scribal abbreviation Mc- expands to Mac- for registration per the September 2013 Cover Letter. The submitter indicated that he preferred the form Artare MacBane to the submitted form, so we have made that change for registration.
There is a step from period practice for the use of a pawprint.

Artemisia da Firenze. Name and device. Azure, a peacock contourny regardant argent between flaunches Or.
Submitted as Artemesia da Firenze, the given name was changed at Kingdom to Artemisia to match the documentation that could be found. Because the submitter prefers the spelling Artemisia, we have left this change in place.
Please advise the submitter to draw the flaunches issuant in chief from the corners of the shield.

Audette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis. Name.
The submitter requested authenticity for late 15th century French. This request was not summarized on the Letter of Intent. Fortunately, we had sufficient information to determine the authenticity of the name without needing to pend this submission.
The given name Audette is a hypothetical feminine form of the documented male given name Audet, which is recorded in French in 1470 and 1520. The byname de Saint Denis can also be found in the late 15th century in French. However, we were not able to document the term tricoteuse to any earlier than 1585. Even the documentation provided in the Letter of Intent documented the term to the 17th century. Further, the pattern [given name] + [marked occupational byname] + [locative] is implausible for late 15th century French. Accordingly, the name is registerable, but it is not authentic for the requested time period.

Briana Stonefield. Name.
Nice late 16th century English name!

Dai Gerdwr. Name.
Gerdwr is an occupational byname for a musician dated c. 1400, found in The Dictionary of the Welsh Language (
Nice Welsh name for c. 1400!

Edward Archer of Kent. Name (see RETURNS for device).
The submitter may be interested to know that an Edward Archer was married in Kent in 1602 according to the FamilySearch Historical Records (

Enrico Morosini. Name and device. Argent, a porphyrio between in pale two broadarrows azure.
Nice name for 16th century Venice!
This is the defining instance of a porphyrio in Society armory. Also known as a swamphen, it is a poultry-shaped bird with long feet.

Eschina MacDonell. Device. Per pale azure and gules, a horse’s head couped between three compass stars Or.
There is a step from period practice for the use of compass stars.

Finn O’Connor. Device. Azure, a bend sinister sable fimbriated, a bordure argent.

Joseph of Illiton. Name.
Illiton is the registered name of an SCA branch.

Katelin the Greene. Name.

Percivall Brackley. Name.
Nice late 16th century English name!

Rivenvale, Shire of. Device change. Vert, on a pile azure fimbriated and cotised argent a laurel wreath Or.
Their old device, Vert, on a pile throughout azure fimbriated, an angel statant to sinister maintaining a sword palewise argent and in dexter chief a laurel wreath Or, is retained as ancient arms.

Rose de la Cumbe. Device. Per pale purpure and sable, a winged unicorn segreant contourny and in chief three roses argent.

Rüdiger of the Flaming Gryphon. Name.
The phrase the Flaming Gryphon is the registered name of an SCA branch.

Edward Archer of Kent. Device. Per bend vert and gules, a drawn bow with arrow nocked, an orle argent.
This device is returned administratively. There was no mention on the Letter of Intent that the device had been redrawn after kingdom commentary, nor whether the submitter had approved the redraw.

Sóma Hjálmarsdóttir. Device. Argent, a Latin cross voided sable and overall a heart gules enflamed proper.
This device is returned for having a “barely overall” charge. SENA Appendix I, Charge Group Theory, in defining overall charges states “An overall charge must have a significant portion on the field; a design with a charge that has only a little bit sticking over the edges of an underlying charge is known as “barely overall” and is not registerable.” Here, more of the heart is on the cross than on the field.