Official Missive – Their Royal Majesties – March

Greetings and salutations to the people of the mighty Middle Kingdom from Their Majesties, Cadogan and AnnMarie.

As the icy grip of winter begins to lighten, We welcome home all of those who made the journey to Gulf Wars with Us. We hope that your time there was enjoyable and safe. We look forward to hearing the stories of war and merriment.

Next, as most of you have heard, the Board of Directors has gathered in an emergency meeting and voted to include a new peerage to the SCA. This new peerage is for rapier and cut and thrust activities, and those elevated will be known as Masters of Defense.

This is truly an exciting time to be in the SCA, and We know that there will be many watching and waiting to see how this new peerage is unveiled and develops to further serve the dream within the Kingdom and the Society.

We realize that things are changing, but we believe that change can sometimes be for the good. As always, we appreciate the faith that Our populace puts in us to care for your hopes and dreams. All we do, We do to serve the greater glory of the Society and Dragon realm.

Draco Invictus.