Border Skirmish A&S

Border Skirmish is looking for class instructors for the event, held in Elkhorn, WI (about 1/2 hour from the IL border) on Saturday, June 13th. The classes can be on any SCA subject and will be held in the building where the tavern is (same place as last year) about 5 min walk from the fighting.

Classes can be as long as you wish as long as they are held between 10AM and 4PM. There can be up to 3 classes in the building at the same time. The building has tables, chairs, electricity and water. If you would like to teach, please email  with a brief description of the class, preferred time, class length, fee and any limitations on the # of students, so it can be put on the event website.

There will also be two A&S competitions: one for laurels and one for non-laurels. The laurel competition will be a standard bean count where everybody can have the chance to choose the work they like best. The non-laurel competition will be judged by any laurels who choose to judge. Each laurel will get one vote for the work they like best. They will also get a sheet of paper for each item entered. On that sheet they can write what they liked about the entry and suggestions for improvement for the entry. Those sheets go back to the entrant.

The competitions will open at 10AM and close at 4PM. They will be in the same building as the classes. The prize for each will be an embroidered scroll. The plan is to award the scrolls at court.

There are no restrictions on what can be entered, laurel or non-laurel. Documentation is optional although it might be nice to get your documentation looked at by laurels. If you entered the A&S Faire, feel free to reenter the entry you liked best into this competition.

There will also be an area for A&S near the merchants where one can set up an area to work on their A&S or have a period day camp. If you would like to teach a class there, you can. However whatever you want to have their, you have to bring with you. That includes tent, tables, chairs, etc. It’s basically just going to be a stretch of grass – which is pretty period.