Children’s Activities at Martial RUM

CALLING FOR VOLUNTEERS! Mistress Cerridwen is looking for volunteers to help with the Pied Piping of children during the evening court at Marital RUM/Southern Oaken A&S this weekend in the Barony of Flame. Parents, youths, and the rest of the populace enjoy and appreciate the efforts and service to Their Majesties. If you are willing and able to help, please let her know! It is painless and fun!

At the designated time as indicated by Their Majesties, at least two adults (one must be SCA background checked) will take the Youth and the treasure chest out of Court. The Youths can play games, do crafts, whatever and then get a prize from the chest (good incentive to do last). Mistress Cerridwen will gladly help with ideas for crafts and games.

Interested parties may contact Mistress Cerridwen at the event.