Silent Auction Fundraiser at Coronation

A Silent Auction will be held the day of Coronation. This is to be a fundraiser for the State Dinner at Pennsic which will be hosted this year by the Middle Kingdom.

We are trying to gather both unique and utilitarian items to put up for bid for this event. A sampling of those items so far includes:

  • A 6 foot silk banner, customized to your specifications
  • Clothing fitting by a Laurel/Professional Costume Designer
  • Handmade Pottery
  • Card Woven Trim
  • Handmade Needles and a Needle Binding Lesson

We have received promised donations of other goods or services but are still looking for more to help fill the coffers. If you are willing and able to participate in this worthy event, please contact Baroness Antonia at

Otherwise, check out the auction table at Coronation – bid often and bid high!