Royal Missive of their Incoming Majesties for May 2015

Honored greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom.

When We contemplated fighting in Crown Tournament, I wondered what I had to offer this great kingdom. We see all around Us so many folks doing selfless service, or creating spectacular creations of art or science. What I do seems so selfish and small in comparison. I realized my gift of skill in the tournament list allows Me to earn this position where We may be the ones who can recognize all these great talents. In this way, We hope to be your worthy servants.

To achieve this, We must turn to you. The People of the Middle Kingdom have far more eyes than We. Her Highness and I ask you to look about for worthy gentles. Go to Our award recommendation page, and tell Us what you have witnessed, what you feel these exemplars deserve, and what events they will be attending.

In this way, We may serve Our people in providing the recognition you all deserve. Note that Our heralds and scribes need time to plan and create. Please, whenever possible, put in award recommendations at least six weeks before the event a gentle will be attending.

Speaking of due recognition, Our Society has officially created a new peerage: The Order of Defense. It allows Us to recognize Peers of Our Realm who excel in rapier combat. We are the second set of this kingdom’s royalty to have the opportunity to elevate members into this Order. For this honor, We both are greatly excited.

Finally, We exclaim here with great humility, “Thank you!” to all the many gentles who have – and are – doing so much behind the scenes to make the two of Us look and feel so very regal.

Your servants,

Ragnvaldr III and Arabella III