Bids for Fall RUM Session Solicited

rum-title-1-50The Royal University of the Midrealm is now accepting Bids for its Fall/Winter Main event.

Historically held in November; due to the Known World Academy of the Rapier (KWAR) & Known World Costuming Symposium (KWCS) (November 13th-15) in the Midlands, we are opening up the dates to include anything from October 2015 through February 2016.

In particular we are looking for a place that can easily accommodate 200-400 members, host 12 classes with adult-sized desks or tables and chairs, a populace area, and additional rooms for staff, Royalty use, ext.

We will be accepting bids through Crown Tournament (May 23-24, 2015)

Any questions, suggestions, bids, etc. can be emailed to

In service to the education of the Middle Kingdom
Baroness Verena Entenwirth
Chancellor, University of the Middle Kingdom