Hear the Words of Her Majesty – Grand Tourney of the Unicorn

Greetings to Our Fair Populace

His Majesty and I are so looking forward to the Tournament of Unicorn this Saturn’s day. We are most excited to be hosting a Tournament of Chivalry and the first ever Tournament of Defense. Please all dress in your finery and fly your banners to mark this historic day well.

Weather permitting we are asking all that are able to gather under the large tent at 5:15 pm to process to Kumler Chapel where We will hold Our court. We encourage all to join Us and fly your Kingdom, Regional, Baronial, Household and/or Personal banners. 

We are exceedingly pleased with Our people and want to bestow honors upon the deserving. Currently Our list of good and deserving gentles is long and noteworthy. We will be making a new Knight this day also. Please seek your comfort and fortify yourself before attending our court

(Translation: This will be the longest Court of Our Reign so bring what you need to be comfortable on a church pew and eat/drink ahead of time).

What a joyous occasion this shall be.

Draco Invictus!

Their Royal Majesties
Cadogan and AnnMarie