Pennsic Royal Camp Volunteer Cooks Requested

Greetings to All from Mistress Keiley O’Duchem

We have FINALLY found Spring (or it has found us) and in the distance we can faintly hear the drums of war. In a few short months we will be heading off to Pennsic War and we are in need of some assistance. Our beloved Highness Ragnvaldr & Arabella will be taking the army to our allies in the East. As Dame Nicholaa best put it:

“An Army travels on its stomach. Some of the busiest individuals of the Midrealm reside in the Royal Encampment. We support and serve our Crown and the Midrealm; finding food isn’t something they should be concerned about.” 

With that in mind we are looking for teams to volunteer to each cook for a day. This includes breakfast and dinner for the encampment.

1) Teams should have 3-6 people (any Region, Barony, Shire, Canton, Household, or group of individuals is welcome to volunteer!). Each team should develop a menu, prepare, serve, and clean up.

2) Please submit estimated expenses in advance.

3) To distribute our budget, we will need itemized receipts for reimbursements.

4) The Royal Encampment currently has 40-45 registered individuals. As we get closer to Pennsic, we’ll have a better idea of the final headcount participating in the meal plan.

5) A kitchen and cooking equipment are available for use in the Royal Encampment.

If you are interested in serving or if you have questions, please contact me at as I will be coordinating the teams and working with Their Highness’ on menu approval so please also keep Their preferences in mind. All assistance is greatly appreciated!


Mistress Keiley O’Duchem