Her Majesty AnneMarie’s Words to the Populace

CadAnneSmallGreetings to Our Most Fine Populace,

Our time upon the Dragon’s Throne is waning. We hear the call of our ancestors to return to our homeland to seek Our rest as We are most weary. We would not leave you good people if We did not have trust that Our Heirs could rule and keep Our people safe. They are most excellent nobles. Give them your love and loyalty as you did Us.

We must dismiss Our Champions, Our Artisans, and Our staff. They are the best of Us. We were blessed to have them serve Us. We were only able to rule as We did because of them and this is a debt We can never repay.

Our Peers and advisors gave Us good and fair counsel. They supported Us with their fealty and wisdom. They are the keepers of this Kingdom. They are most valuable and precious.

If history were to judge Us as a good and loving King and Queen that would be a great legacy indeed. And if it were to be so, it is because We simply reflected back the love and devotion of the populace to Us. The treasures of Our Kingdom are not of gold, stone or raiment but of her people. You are the true jewels that adorn the Midrealm.

The fire is dying. The lamp is burning low upon Our table. Our cups are almost empty… but with the last drops We raise a glass to the Midrealm. Here’s to the love of Our Kingdom and her people! Draco Invictus! Draco Eternus!

Their Royal Majesties of the Midrealm
Cadogan and AnnMarie