Call for Judges for Kingdom A&S

Unto all who love and value the Arts and Sciences, heed me!

The Kingdom A&S Faire is on Saturday, May 23 in the Barony of Cynnabar.

We have 94 entries, including 8 Pentathlons and 3 Divisional entries. This thing is huge

We have 38 judges registered…

Please, for the love of the arts, for the kingdom’s brave and talented artisans, please consider registering to serve as a judge. We need you.
It is especially helpful if you check off the categories you feel competent to judge in your judging preferences online. This helps us assign appropriate judges to each entry, so the entrant gets the very best feedback and the most positive experience.

You must register online to judge. There are far too many entries for us to accomodate any extra day-of-event changes. We pre-assign judges to entries, and we need to know well in advance who we can count on.

If you register, and something changes to make your attendance impossible, please contact as soon as you can. The online “unregister” button only works if you do it before we make assignments.

If you aren’t sure if you can attend, and don’t want to register in advance, be advised that we will not rearrange judging assignments the day of the faire to accomodate you if you show up. Please do not show up and expect us to give you assignments if you haven’t registered.

However, if you are willing to serve as an emergency fill-in judge (things happen, sometimes last minute issues keep an assigned judge from being present), DO let us know. Do this only if you will be there anyway, and are willing to serve if needed.

Again – if you do not pre-register as a judge, we cannot guarantee that you will get to judge. If you pre-register to judge, we are relying on you. Please do it in good faith that, barring emergency, you will be present. If an emergency does come up, let me know personally as soon as possible.

Finally, let me know personally if you have schedule limitations for the day. If your name is on the judges list, our assumption is that this is what you are doing for the day. We not only pre-assign judges, we also pre-schedule the time slots for judging sessions. We assume that everyone on the list is committed to the Faire for the entire day, unless you tell us otherwise. We understand that many people have multiple responsibilities and interests, and we can work with that as long as we know in advance.

The link to register online is here:

Thank you for your attention and service!

Mme. Crespine de la Vallée, KMOAS