Midrealm A&S Competition Entrants Advancing to Kingdom

The Midrealm’s Kingdom A&S Competition this year may be the largest Kingdom Faire ever. This year we have 44 entrants and 94 89 entries! Additionally, there are eight Pentathlon Entrants, which is the largest number ever. Pentathlon entrants are Master Philippe de Lyon, THL Roana Aldinoch, Oliver of Cleftlands, Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada, THL Asalah al-Hina, Master Avery Austringer, Faydwynn Randve, and Æiric Ãrvender.

Below are the entrants and entries that have advanced to the Kingdom Faire from each of our five regions:

Region of Constellation Advancers:

Annabelle Roberts of Sternfeld Cooking: Single Dish (V)
Frytour Blaunched
Aurora Lucia Marinella Costume: Accessories (II)
Hand Fan
Aurora Lucia Marinella Cooking: Single Dish (V)
Narbaj (pomegranate stew) by al-Ma’mun
Beatrix Genevieve Van de Sterren Bead Work: Free Form (IV)
Beaded Flowers
Jael ben Ari Demonstrating Period Activities (I)
Imperial Roman Hairstyling
Solveig Sigulfsdottir Cooking: Multiple Dish (V)
Mid-day meal; 10th C. Hedeby style


Region of Midlands Advancers:

David of Lochmorrow Miscellaneous Studio Arts & Sciences (IV)
Pyrographed Gourd
Mikhail of Lubelska Illumination (IV)
Knotwork scroll blank
Oswyn of Baðon *Research (III)
The Legacy of Alfred the Great
Oswyn of Baðon Brewing & Vintning: Specialty Beverages (V)
A Taste of Sicily
Philippe de Lyon Demonstrating Period Activities (I)
Of the fight of the pike or little lance one on one.
Philippe de Lyon Knitting/Naalbinding (II)
16th Century Knitted Hat
Philippe de Lyon *Research (III)
Personal Possessions of the Working Class During the Tudor Period In England
Philippe de Lyon Miscellaneous Technological Sciences (III)
Self Drafting Furnace
Philippe de Lyon Cooking: Single Dish (V)
Peas Pottage
Roana Aldinoch Costume: Accessories (II)
St Birgitta’s Cap
Roana Aldinoch Casting (III)
Badger-head pewter buttons
Roana Aldinoch Bookbinding (IV)
Romanesque 13th-Century leatherbound book
Roana Aldinoch Leather Work (IV)
13th Century Leather Flacket
Roana Aldinoch Brewing & Vintning: Wine & Mead (V)
Chamomile Mugwort Mead


Region of North Oaken Advancers:

Brendan OCorraidhe Leather Work (IV)
Leather Flask
Eynon ApJames Animal Accouterments (V)
Fritha EikBrandrsdottir Costume: Single Component (II)
Norse Open-Front Apron Dress
Fritha EikBrandrsdottir Knitting/Naalbinding (II)
Nalbinding of Baby Hat and Socks
Gwenllian Bengrych verch Rhys Animal Accouterments (V)
14th Century Bridle
Gwenllian Bengrych verch Rhys Animal Accouterments (V)
14th Century Caparison
Isibel of Dunbegane Illumination (IV)
Armenian gospel pages
James ap Llewelyn Animal Accouterments (V)
Blue leather Bridle
Jolicia atte Northclyfe Music Performance: Wind (I)
Cantigas de Santa Maria
Kari Garanhirsson Bardic Recitation (I)
The Lay of Thrym
Kristy of the Marche Needlework: Counted Thread (II)
German style embroidered pouch
Milesent Vibert Costume: 1451-1600 (II)
Cranach Dress
Milesent Vibert Knitting/Naalbinding (II)
Elinora de Toledo socks
Milesent Vibert Spinning (II)
Linen spun on drop spindle
Miranda Christy *Poetry (I)
Battle drapa
Oliver Of Cleftlands Costume: Accessories (II)
15th C Leather Pattens
Oliver Of Cleftlands Casting (III)
15th C Cast metal buckles
Oliver Of Cleftlands Leather Work (IV)
15th C Leather Pattens
Oliver Of Cleftlands Miscellaneous Studio Arts & Sciences (IV)
Wax tablet case
Oliver Of Cleftlands Brewing & Vintning: Specialty Beverages (V)
Cinnamon Spice Cordial
Reinhold von Glier Armor: Plate (III)
15th century Talhoffer buckler
Rhiannon filia Catell Brewing & Vintning: Wine & Mead (V)
A Hint of Pineapple
Rhiannon filia Catell Brewing & Vintning: Wine & Mead (V)
Plain & Simple
Rhiannon filia Catell Brewing & Vintning: Wine & Mead (V)
Sweet Summer Strawberry
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada Demonstrating Period Activities (I)
Drop Spindle Demonstration
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada Weaving: Loom (II)
Hand Spun and Hand Woven Inkle Band
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada Miscellaneous Studio Arts & Sciences (IV)
Handmade Oil Paints
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada Painting (IV)
Still Life Painting – Shell
Sorcha brecc ingen Donnchada Animal Accouterments (V)
Equestrian Bridle
Wilhelm von Glier Wood Construction – Joinery (III)
16th century dovetailed coffer
Zuriel Nightshade Costume: Accessories (II)
Norse Cap
Zuriel Nightshade Costume: Accessories (II)
Norse front panel
Zuriel Nightshade Weaving: Tablet (II)
Card woven trims
Zuriel Nightshade Needlework: Free Form (II)
Decorative Norse heraldry
Zuriel Nightshade Brewing & Vintning: Specialty Beverages (V)
Strawberry cordial


Region of Pentamere Advancers:

Alianor (Aliyah) bat Asriel Herbcraft and Apothecary (V)
Aliyah’s Aromatics
Angus Old Fart Bardic Recitation (I)
Gude Wallace
Angus Old Fart Music Performance: Vocal (I)
Where Helen Lies
Asalah al-Hina Demonstrating Period Activities (I)
Henna Application
Asalah al-Hina Costume: Accessories (II)
16th century Safavid Women’s head wear
Asalah al-Hina Casting (III)
Pewter cast buttons
Asalah al-Hina *Research (III)
Henna and its use before 1600 CE
Asalah al-Hina Decorative Metalwork (IV)
A Safavid Amulet Case
Genoveva von Lubeck Costume: Single Component (II)
Pleatwork Apron
Odo de Eu Herbcraft and Apothecary (V)
13th c. Yemeni soap


Region of South Oaken Advancers:

Avery Austringer Costume: Accessories (II)
A 15th Century Belt
Avery Austringer Casting (III)
A Pewter Spoon
Avery Austringer Wood Construction – Joinery (III)
Frame and Panel Chest
Avery Austringer Leather Work (IV)
A 15ht Century Girdle Pouch
Avery Austringer Cooking: Single Dish (V)
Auter Tartus
Camilla de la Reynarde Knitting/Naalbinding (II)
Thrummed cap
Camilla de la Reynarde Knotted Work (II)
Netted hair net
Camilla de la Reynarde Decorative Metalwork (IV)
Enameled motifs
Cedric Adolphus of Beckenham Calligraphy (IV)
Tughra Calligraphy
Elisabeth Lynnaea Fairchild Needlework: Counted Thread (II)
Blackwork Embroidered Pillowcase
Elisabetta Morosini di Mettenini Costume: Accessories (II)
St Birgitta’s Coif
Emer Von Atzinger Costume: Accessories (II)
Nalbinde socks
Emer Von Atzinger Knitting/Naalbinding (II)
Nalbinding Socks
Emer Von Atzinger Needlework: Miscellaneous (II)
Hand sewn and applique aumoniere
Emer Von Atzinger Cooking: Single Dish (V)
Elder flower cheese tart/ Sambocade
Emma O’hairt Siege Engines – Scale (III)
Emma’s Catapult
Faydwynn Randve Costume: Accessories (II)
anglo-saxon war belt
Faydwynn Randve Weapon-Making (III)
anglo-saxon sword
Faydwynn Randve Wood Embellishment (III)
anglo-saxon sword sheath
Faydwynn Randve Decorative Metalwork (IV)
anglo-saxon belt buckle
Faydwynn Randve Herbcraft and Apothecary (V)
anglo-saxon wound balm
Honor von Atzinger Music Performance: Vocal (I)
A German Lieder
Jamie von Atzinger Miscellaneous Domestic Arts & Sciences (V)
Samirah bint Tahir Glass Work: Lampwork Beads (IV)
Celtic Iron Age Beads
Æiric ørvender Demonstrating Period Activities (I)
Basic leather tooling
Æiric ørvender Iron Working & Toolmaking (III)
Carved wooden leather stamping tools
Æiric ørvender Glass Work: Lampwork Beads (IV)
Decorative bead for case-cord
Æiric ørvender Leather Work (IV)
Case for The Luck of Edenhall glass
Æiric ørvender Cooking: Single Dish (V)
Medieval Mustards


Congratulations to all advancers! May your road to the Kingdom A&S Faire be smooth and unfettered. The Kingdom A&S Faire is taking place on May 23, 2015, the day before Spring Crown Tourney, in the Barony of Cynnabar (see event information here). Please remember that the Kingdom A&S Faire is still in need of judges!