Archery Tournament at Spring Crown Tourney

Greetings from the archery staff for Spring Crown Tourney. You are being sent this missive to invite You or Your chosen archery champion to a tournament of champions to be held at Spring Crown Tourney.

This tournament is being held to showcase the arts, skill and chivalry of the people who are the proclaimed leaders of the archery community. As this tourney will occur in the midst of the regular events of the day, to better present the champions to the populace heraldic display is highly encouraged.To be part of this tourney you must:

  1. Be the proclaimed champion of an officially recognized branch of the Midrealm SCA
  2. Bring something archery-related that you have built to be placed in the bean count display to be held on the archery field. The entry should have your arms attached so that people who are interested in what you have made can find you to talk with you. I would like to see an emphasis placed on inexpensive practical gear intended for everyday use.
  3. Participate on the training range. If possible you will be paired with a new shooter. You will help this person through sign in, gear selection, range operations and basic shooting. This activity will be done in small groups to help train the trainers by observing each other’s teaching methods.
  4. Demonstrate prowess by participating in the shoots with the general populace. Most of the shoots will be open all day and will be self-scored. The shoots planned at this time are:• An eighty yard wand shoot. All day, self-scored. A pool noodle is placed at 80 yards with a knotted string attached. Arrowheads within 2 yards of the shaft score 5 points, within 4 yards 3 points, and those within six yards of the noodle score 1 pt.
    • Royal round. All day self-scored. Six arrows at 20 yards, 30 yard and 40 yards. As many arrows that can be shot in 30 seconds at twenty yards.
    • Bear Pit. All day self-scored. Two identical targets are set at 20 yards. An archer may approach this target with no more than 12 arrows. Archers may span or knock. Loose is called. First person to put three arrows on target wins. The next challenger steps up and the process is repeated. Arrows will be pulled when a general hold and retrieve is called. Champions are strongly encouraged to challenge other champions. Three points for winning. 1 point for playing.
    • Chicken Shoot. A large wobbly polyester chicken is pulled across the field. One point per hit
  5. Have lunch and conversation with the assembled gallery. The range will close from 12:00 to 12:30 for crew support. At this time the champions are encouraged to have lunch with the assembled Barons and Baronesses who may have a question or two for the assembled champions. (Barons and Baronesses, You are invited to visit with the champions at noon! Lunch will be provided.)




At 4 PM the scores of the shoots, the counts of the beans and comments from the training groups will be provided to the assembled Barons and Baronesses for their consideration.

If you have any questions please contact Grey Oddsson at 734-772-7357.