Their Majesties June Letter to the Populace

The Middle Kingdom is full of it.


We see people learning about history, and then sharing that knowledge. We see people striving and discovering new skills on Our varied martial fields, and then teaching those techniques. We see people creating awe-inspiring works of art, and then gifting them. Together, we are all making the magic real.

To each one of you, We give Our heartfelt thanks. We ask no forgiveness for Our sin of Pride in Our People. This kingdom’s great populace has taken to heart the words of two traveling historical figures, Bill and Ted: “Be excellent to each other.”

You were certainly excellent to Us at Our Coronation! To see over 600 people come out for Our day was a humbling experience. Not to mention the wonderful gifts created by so many good people! Having all of Our Peers speak their oaths from memory filled Our hearts with joy, and proves their commitment to their stations.

We “of course” know many of you were there for the stepping down of Our predecessors, Count Cadogan and Countess Ann Marie, as well you should be. We watched them measure all their actions by what was best for the people. We learned from them.

We ask of you this favor: As you attend the events and functions of Our Society, take some time to continue to give of your particular gift to others, and to appreciate what others are giving. Please continue to be magical.

Your pride-filled servants,

Ragnvaldr III and Arabella III