Kingdom Seneschal’s Letter for June

Greetings unto the Most Glorious Middle Kingdom!

Spring and summer are terrifically busy throughout the entire kingdom. As I write this from my rooms in Ayreton, Our Outgoing Crown has only just installed the Middle Kingdom Premiere Masters of Defense. Our Incoming Crown has quickly set Their sights on finding Their Heirs.

Events are numerous this time of year, and every event is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on someone new to the Kingdom or new to you. To paraphrase what a wise person once said to me, “We are all the first something, be it Squire, Lady, Noble, or Peer, that someone meets in the SCA. And that moment stays with that someone for all the rest of their days in the Society, and likely well beyond. Be kind, be welcoming, be inspiring.”

I encourage you to lend a hand to help another even if it is simply to hold a door or carry a basket for someone. And if you’re offered assistance by someone, it might just be your next new friend waiting for a way to introduce themselves. Take the chance. Start a conversation. Welcome someone new. And remember to express your gratitude. It tends to get you a repeat offer in the future.

In Glad Service,

Dame Caitriona

Kingdom Seneschal