Information on Youth Attending Crown Tournament

Important information about Coronation and Crown Tournament!

Both events will be occurring in Pentamere and as such, I would like to remind you about our policy here in Michigan.

Should you be bringing a minor that you do not have custody over, please make sure you have a medical waiver form with you for that minor, signed by the person who has custody of said minor. In Michigan this form does NOT have to be notarized but must have a witness to the signing of it. To clarify, anyone coming from another state can follow this law. If you have questions about attending events in other states other than Michigan, please contact your regional or Kingdom Youth officer or see the youth policy located on the kingdom website!

You must also have a waiver signed by the same person if that minor does not carry a blue card.

ANY minor that comes to these events without the proper forms will not be allowed to attend until the form can be shown on paper at the gate. Please make sure this is done,

You have my permission to copy and paste this in other groups as well. I don’t want to see anyone having to be turned away. (yes. It has happened.)

Medical release forms must be kept with the responsible adult(s) at all times. Gate does not keep these forms, just checks that a valid form is with the responsible adult.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me here via Facebook or by Email at

Thank you everyone!

(Pentamere Youth Officer)

The Medical Authorization form can be found here:

Minor Waiver is here: