News of Border Raids

In the 50th year of the Society in the month of Maius, Meridian armies crossed into the lands of the Midrealm. The fyrd was summoned to stand guard and fight against the incursion and Ragnvaldar the king road swiftly from his stronghold in the north to his most southern barony. The Meridian war-band was woefully outnumbered and easily defeated by the true men of our realm, who succeeded at every engagement and drove back the enemies forces. Although the day prior to the engagement was scorched by sun, prayers were answered and the day of the battles was shaded in cool light and refreshing rain. By evening, once the dead and the the injured had been removed from the field, both the defeated foe and the victors returned to their camps, leaving the field of battle churned with offal and mud. Much celebration was heard that night as song and drink were raised to drown out the rain, By the morning the sun warmed the air once again and dried the land, and our warriors went to their halls and their farms happy men.

– as recorded by Ceadda of Fox Hall, Steward in the Barony of the Flame, who was there that day.