Pennsic Needs Volunteers!

From the Pennsic Volunteer Coordinator, Baroness Helena du Brouillard de Martin:

The Pennsic War is run completely by volunteers. Some spend many hours preparing and setting up things before War begins. There are also many, many tasks that need to be done during the two weeks of Pennsic. If you know where you want to volunteer, go and volunteer. If you don’t know where your skill set fits in, come see us at Pennsic, and we’ll match you to an area of Pennsic that can use your talents and services.

You can also Volunteer now! Use our on-line Volunteer Form to let us know how you’d like to help out, before Pennsic starts:

Volunteering will add to your fun, make you a host of new friends, and give you an insight into how Pennsic runs. Please join the ranks of Pennsic volunteers. We look forward to matching you with a task you will enjoy!