Updates from Baron Wars


One of your friendly neighborhood Autocrats of Baron Wars here, with some expanded information on our event coming out of Crown Tournament Weekend.

First of all, Congratulations to their Royal Highnesses Nikolai and Serena! We’ll definitey be in touch!

Secondly, we have some important cancellations to Baron Wars this year, and how they will affect people. Both Equestrian and Hound Coursing will not be taking place at Baron Wars this year. The insurance forms required for these activities would’ve been due today, and in the months we’ve asked for volunteers for the event we’ve had no offers to cover either of these activities. While regrettable it is to be without these facets of our SCA experience this year, we hope they can return next year. What this means is that the space usually taken up by both has been liberated, and will be incorporated into other things.

In relation to that, we will have a much more robust and engaging light and heavy combat experience to offer this year that will bring back using the FORT STRUCTURE ITSELF into the fighting (weather permitting) – myself, co-Autocrat Gaivs Albivs Lvpos, and Meister Konrad Mailander are cooking up a series of scenarios that are light on classic victory condition but large on inclusion and immersion. Rapier fighers and Members of The Order of Defense – we will be working on a way for you to be fully involved in this combat scenarios as well in a way to do an integrated combat scenario. Once again, @Alan Powers (Capt. Creigg) will be seeing to the fighting for the Rapier, and we’ll be bringing him up to speed soon. If it clicks like we’re thinking it will, it will be memorable day of fighting as well as a bit on the revolutionary side. We will also have independent fighting for both, so fear not. There will be something for everyone!!

Speaking of something for everyone!!! I have decided along with our Archery Marshal Uthon ((Bil KilPatrick), that it is time to update and bring those activities front and center to bear along with thrown weapons. After spending some time on site this afternoon, we have a solution that will allow both target archery and thrown weapons to occur in a new venue on the main grounds at the fort. No more going into a gully or ravine away from everyone else and all the action to shoot or throw! Beginning this year, and boasting more than three times the safety space required by Kingdom law, you will be able to shoot and throw to your heart’s content just a short walk from where you park for the event. I and Uthon felt that it was time to bring these to showcase and get as many people as we could involved.

Merchants are finally being counted down and it looks like in addition to three merchants who will be able to feed all three meals to hungry event goers, we will have 27 merchants handing any of your retail therapeutic needs or last stop shopping for Pennsic (Remember, just three weeks until war after Baron Ways – if you need it, get it now!)

We are also growing a robust A&S class list as well. Chances for First AId/CPR certifications will be available as long as a whole litany of learning opportunities courtesy of our class coordinator Iosobail Mhic Leoid who will be happy to include you in the fun or show you what fun you can have and how to have it.

Lastly, bringing back one of the staples that make Baron Wars one of the great events that it is, because really, how often DO you get to camp and socialize within a fort that is less than 200 years out of period? I am making the executive decision to bring back both loud and quiet bardic to this fine fine event. Wood will be made available but do please bring your own to replenish.. Fires will be built. The music and song and stories and reverence we have for our ancestors, forefathers, and mentors in this society will go hand in hand with the spirit of the night. This also means that our Torchlight Duke Osis Memorial Tournament will be evoked again this year. This tournament is for all of us – for we have all lost someone close to us in the near and far past. This is a means to honor their soldier spirit in the name of free and honorable combat. If you have someone’s memory you wish to sing in combat, come do so, and see who’s song is stronger. Were you close to someone who lost a dear brother in arms or a father or mother like mentor? Stand strong with them as they honor that memory. The Tournament will be designed on site, on the fly. Expect a short pool style tourney, or a round robin. Prizes for first two finishers will be handed out, but the real winner, will be those we remembered. Who we’ve laughed about, cried about, and raised a mug to. They’re the real winners here.

I hope all of these updates but excites you for Baron Wars, and hope we can still do more to excite you about coming to our event. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact myself Anton Stark-called Wiglaf or Gaivs Albivs Lvpos for any questions or information. As always, we could use volunteers. Specifically non fighters between the hours of 10AM and 4:30 PM on Saturday with many breaks and many opportunities to work in other areas.

That’s all we have for now. Thanks!