Baron Wars Armored Combat Schedule

Here’s the combat schedule for Baron Wars.

Friday Night

Duke Thorbjorn Osis Memorial Tourney

After Sunset in the “bearpit” at the center of the fort

Round Robin or Pool format torchlight tourney depending on numbers. Come and honor the memory of His Grace and all our other brothers and sisters in the life in harness who have passed on, through noble deeds of arms.

Show up early to get inspected.


10 am: Marshals Point Opens
Inspections and Authorizations begin.

11 am: Unbelted Champions Team Practice – Battlefield

11 am: Japanese Style Duel Tournament – Battlefield

Clan Suiryo is hosting their first Annual Japanese Armored Duel Tournament. Bracketed Double Elimination format. Allowed weapons are: Single sword, Bastard sword, Great sword, Pole arm, Short spear and great axe. All Personas allowed. No dual welding weapons allowed. No Shields will be allowed. The choice of weapons will be decided by both combatants prior to each match. Matching weapons is strongly encouraged. *Spears are only allowed in spear duels* If there are any questions please contact Kerry PMack on Facebook or Sir Seto at

12 noon: Baronial Champions Grand Melee – Battlefield

Each Barony can send forth one Champion to stand against all others in a grand melee. Either their Baronial Champion or another designated by the Baron and/or Baroness to stand in their place. Fighting until only one victor remains.

12:30pm (approx): The Baron Wars – Battlefield

Red Spears/Roaring Wastes Champions – Baron Wars will start with single combat between the Baronial Champions of Red Spears and Roaring Wastes. The Armies of the two Baronies will be assembled to either side of the field and the Champions shall fight in the center of the field between them. The first field battle will commence upon the defeat of one of the Champions.

Field Battles – The Armies of Roaring Wastes and Red Spears with their respective allies will first meet in the field outside the fort in a series of field battles.

The Siege of the Gate – Red Spears’ forces fall back to their fort and Roaring Wastes follows laying assault at the gate. This will be a limited resurrection battle with the defenders (Red Spears) having one rez and the attackers (Roaring Wastes) having three rez’s each.

Fighting in the Streets – Roaring Wastes has broken through into the fort and the fighting has taken to the streets. This will be a resurrection town battle inside the fort.

Escape Through the Gate – The civilians have fled with their camel herds from the fort and the Red Spears Army is covering their escape. This will be a repeat of the battle fought at the Gate with the sides reversed. Red Spears will be outside with 3 resurrections and Roaring Wastes inside with one.

Skirmishing in the Field – The battles will finish with more field battles back outside the fort.

It is our hope to have combat archery and siege in as many battles as possible. Marshals should all have eye protection or helmets. It is asked that day shades are kept on the side of the ravine away from the fort. The field battles will be fought on the side near the fort.