July Pale Missive from Their Majesties

Unto all gentles within the Middle Kingdom come greetings,

Over the past several years, We have become fast friends with Their Royal Majesties of the East Kingdom, Darius called Omega, and Etheldreda. We’ve become such good friends that We four felt being neighbors would be the perfect way to further peace and camaraderie between Our respective populaces. To that end, We decided to split Æthelmearc evenly between Our two kingdoms.

Alas, the mean people of Æthelmearc are, apparently, opposed to the ideas of friendship and just being neighborly. They refused to allow Us to split up their kingdom, despite Our desire to do so fairly, by half going to the East and half to the Middle. Even though Darius and Etheldreda and We prefer peace, this inconsiderate action by Æthelmearc compels Us to take by force the lands they refuse to give Us in the name of generosity and kindness. In fact, they have gone so far as to convince every other kingdom that they don’t want the East and the Middle being friends, coercing them to join with Æthelmearc in defiance of Our peaceful takeover.

Therefore, We charge the diversely talented people and ferocious warriors of the Middle Kingdom to join with Us and with the East Kingdom on the fields of Pennsic, in an effort to show kindness and peace to the people of Æthelmearc by going to War and taking their lands.

Your kind, peaceful, and benevolent monarchs,

Ragnvaldr War Monger
Arabella The Vengeful