Siege of Talonval is in ONE WEEK !!!

For those unfamiliar with Siege, Talonval is an independent Shire swearing allegiance only to the MidRealm Crown. Sadly, neighboring baronies covet our lands. This is the season when nobles go to war, and this year is no exception. Fortunately, our spies alerted us that yet another invasion was coming. Unfortunately, the barons sought to catch us off guard by invading during Carnival. Sigh.

Calling all Bards, Artisans (especially fiber arts and/or performers), Fighters (heavy and rapier), Archers, Spear and Axe throwers, and anyone who enjoys an outdoor camping event.

This year’s site is different from prior years:
Marble Springs Campground, 9411 West Chicago Rd (US12), Allen, MI

This is MIS race weekend, so avoid southeast Jackson County when coming from the east. Michigan International Speedway sits on US12 near US127. This part of US12 and US127 will be parking lots. If coming from Cynnabar or Roaring Waste, please take I94 to an exit west of the City of Jackson (such as M60 or M99). From the north, west, and south, please consider the I69/US12 exit at Coldwater.

Friday night will include carnival and an informal fire circle. Carnival participants will receive a token every time they win a game. Tokens can be collected … or redeemed for other prizes such as small stuffed animals or Danaware pottery.

Saturday will include martial arts, artisans’ rows (fiber and performing arts), merchants, court, feast, and a formal fire circle. Performers are encouraged to sign-up at Troll.