Letter from Her Majesty: NOWM

We are home save and sound from a fantastic day at NOWM, http://cleftlands.org/events/nowm/2015/. The weather was great, the company even better. Everyone seemed to have a great time with fighting, fencing, archery, and thrown weapons.

We put a Master of Defense on vigil, Warder Adam MacAoidh, welcome future Master. We were fortunate enough to give awards to some very deserving individuals. Oliver of Cleftlands has agreed to be Our A&S Champion.

There are so many people to thank, the marshalls for running all of the activities. The autocrat/seneschal Gianna Vettori for running a fantastic event. Kateline Eliot for making sure everything we could want was taken care of. Thank you to the wonderful herald, who did an excellent job, rolling with our ever changing plans. 🙂 

And as always, thank you to Our incredible staff, We could not do what We do, without you. We are truly the most fortunate of Royals, to be in this the greatest of all kingdoms, with the most wonderful populace ever, and to have such incredible Heirs as Their Highnesses Nikolai and Serena Kimbalwyke. Thank you to Everyone for making NOWM so very special.

Queen Arabella