Middle Kingdom Volunteer Opportunities at Pennsic

Greetings Wonderful Populace of the Middle Kingdom!

Pennsic War is quickly approaching. Schedules are being set. Please remember to set aside some time to help your Royal Family. Opportunities to serve are now available for online registration at http://pennsic.castlewalls.com/

Peer on Duty service is available to Royal Peers, Pelicans, Laurels, Knights, and now the Masters of Defense! Landed Baroncy are also encouraged to take a seat at our Midrealm Royal concierge desk.

Guard Duty is an excellent chance to adorn the gates of Midrealm Royal encampment with your presence. Our kingdom’s presence is elevated while you stand in the shade viewing the shopping area across the road and dressed in your favorite armor or the Guard’s Surcoat. Aside from the standard schedule, there are opportunities for households to man the gates during special events like Midnight Madness and various Royal dinners. Please use the link on the form if you have a group interested in a special shift.

Their Majesties and Highnesses will need retainers throughout the war. Please review the Itinerary section to help choose a shift that may interest you.

Please cross post to other groups who may wish to help!

Baroness Una Uilebaine

Chamberlain to King Ragnvaldr and Queen Arabella