Missive from the Dragon Herald

Greetings heralds of the Kingdom!!!

Have you ever wanted to herald a court but not sure who to talk to to tell them you’re interested? Thought you didn’t have the ability? Afraid to try it on your own? Well do I have an offer for you!!!!

With one simple email, I can get you in touch with the person, who can pair you up with the person who can give you the ability. All for the low low price…. Wait, wrong deal.

If you are a new or experienced herald and would like the opportunity to learn to herald Baronial or Kingdom courts, please contact Her Excellency Countess Alys Katharine, Pale Herald, who is in charge of assigning court heralds for Kingdom courts. she can be reached at Let her know what events you plan to be attending and she can pair you up with an experienced court herald to learn how to work a court. Then you can take that experience and help your local Baron/ess with their courts or maybe herald your own Kingdom court. We’re a little short on court heralds right now and could use a few more strong voices to help out.

You can also find out who the herald is for an event that you plan on attending and go introduce yourself and let them know you’re interested in learning to herald court. I encourage all experienced heralds to take these offers of help and train some fresh voices. Don’t worry that you’ll have to do the whole court. The work can be evenly distributed or you could just do one award to get the feel for it. But you have to offer first.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces and hearing some new voices.

Thegn Edward Aelredson
Vox Draconis