July Missive from Their Royal Highnesses

Unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom do your new Tanists, Nikolai and Serena, send warm greetings!Prince sm crown

We are most excited to be your Heirs! As of this writing, it has been only two weeks since We were crowned Prince and Princess, and in that time the outpouring of love and support has been most humbling. For all who have asked “How can I help?” rest assured that We will call upon you in due time.

But first, We must thank the Barony of Cynnabar for hosting an exceptional Kingdom A&S and Crown Tournament. Both days were well organized and well run, and We enjoyed them immensely.

As this is Our first time upon the Dragon thrones, We have much to learn. We have been given much advice in the past fortnight, and wish to offer special thanks to the Royal Peers who have given Us such support and wise counsel. It is good to know that those who have stood in Our shoes previously are so willing to help guide us and offer advice when asked. Thank you.

Now, for those who have expressed a desire to help, We have a few suggestions:

  • First and foremost, support Their Royal Majesties in all things. The rumor is that there is a conflict looming on the horizon, and that perhaps the good people of Æthelmearc have forgotten the full strength of the Dragon. Prepare yourselves, as the King and Queen will have need of your skills.
  • Volunteer! There is always need for more volunteers at events, be it in the kitchen, working security, retaining for Royalty or any of a dozen other tasks. Events are complicated machines that take many hands to run smoothly. Do not forget to take your turn at turning the crank.
  • If you have specific skills that may assist Our reign, please contact Our Chamberlain, Mistress Milesent Vibert. You may find her information on the website of Our reign, trh.castlewalls.com.

Finally, if you wish to stay well advised of Our time as Prince and Princess, please visit the aforementioned website for Our progress, missives, preferences and the like.

In service to the Middle Kingdom and her people,

Nikolai & Serena