Event Report: Border Skirmish, Part 1

Border Skirmish Event Report – Part 1

by Ld. Duncan the Monster

This is always a favorite event of mine. Even before I moved into Ravenslake and this became my Home Event…I have loved this War.

Ok… so here is my report from Border Skirmish.

Friday: Emily, Max and I showed up later than I would have liked… around 1700, but Em had to work… we were bad at pre-packing… so it goes. We made it well before dark, it wasn’t actively raining and we got a good spot to set camp right next to some good friends. Camp went up easy, since we had a shadefly we ended up being the ‘hangout’… which I always love.

That night there was a torchlight tourney, a buckler only tourney, planned. I excitedly dug out my kit, suited up and went looking for the list. I found it, but there was some confusion about what the plan was. Sir Dru kinda took over, and we had a fun format discussion. What we settled on was this.

The five fighters who showed [which where Ambrose , Morgan, Thora (sp?), Wendell and myself ] would do a ‘Hold the Field’ kinda thing. Each fighter counted their wins, only when it was their turn to hold the list. At the end of each round we dropped one fighter and repeated the process. The final fight was to be ‘best 2 outta 3’. This was some of the most fun I have ever had in a tourney… and we ALL got a good amount of stick time. I was really proud of my fellow combatants. Ambrose was on his game this night, Morgan did amazing, and Thora although starting out with some nerves took me at least once.

The final ended up being Wendell and I… and it was a highly enjoyable series of fights. Wendell gave me a couple of good knots in my buckler arm(yeah… yeah… I hear ya…vambraces blah blah) but I came out victorious. This marks the first time I have won a tourney, which is cool, but mostly I was super stoked about a whole night of buckler fighting.

Thanks again to all my fellow combatants, at to everyone who came out to watch us dance in the firelight.

Saturday: Well, I was sad that I was marshalling and not fighting for the second year…but when it’s your home group’s event and all. Besides I had written the crazy battle scenarios for the day and between the weather being… well… Midwest weather, and concerns about time and space they needed some tweaking. We ended up running 3 open fields with Midrealm vs Northshield, and they were super closely fought. The numbers were close… and everyone had their intensity turned up to 11.

Next we did a Bridge Battle, 10 minute unlimited rez with the Victory Condition of causing a blow-out.

Man… was that an intense and LOOOONG 10 minutes.

Each side just kept bashing and smashing… lots of charges and counter charges. The battle swung back and forth a bit, although the Midrealmers went nearly to the edge a few time. Northshield rallied in the waning minutes and when time expired both forces held the center. We decided to left it continue, without rez and see how it turned out. In the end, the Midrealm succeeded in taking the bridge and the Northshield bank.

After a bit of a break(I did mention how it was a LONG ten minutes… right?) we decided to shift into Unbelt Mode.

The Midrealm brought out a dozen Unbelts… and Northshield a bit more. We set teams of ten against each other… over and over.

Every time we figured that was it… everyone’s gassed… the Midrealm group was standing there awaiting the next group of Northshielders to bring it. And bring it they did… some of the hardest friendly fights I’ve seen in a while. I was damn proud of my team.

Well… we are done now right… couple of hours fighting… hard long grueling fights in super muggy 80 degree+ weather… right?


His Majesty Midrealm (with I am sure a lil help from Their Majesties Northshield who were both on the field) decided to challenge ALL the Unbelts of both Kingdoms to a gate battle, against a force of the combined Chivalry.

We did that more than a few times… and it was supergreat.


Add to all this more Auths than I’ve seen in a while, including several CA Auths , and it was a good day.

Next up in Part Duex…. Court and stuff.