Midrealm.org updates


You may have heard that we are in the process of migrating our web services to new hardware. Well, those rumors are going to start becoming true.

The “Too Long; Didn’t Read” version: We’re doing things to midrealm.org in the coming weeks that may mean it’s down from time to time. Don’t panic.

The more detailed version:
In the next few weeks, the directory entries for all midrealm.org services (including any group hosted on midrealm.org) will be moving to a new hosting solution. We are not moving the actual group files to the new system yet. To the end user, nothing will look different, but there may be brief times when access to midrealm.org will be limited. So as to not adversely impact the populace’s ability to get to group event sites and the Kingdom Calendar, we will avoid doing this work Thursday-Sunday. I will be posting further updates about exact times when this will be done as they become available. Status messages will be posted to the Facebook Page, the “SCA Kingdom of the Middle” Facebook discussion group, as well as the Midrealm Gazette. I thank you all in advance for your patience.

Once we are “stable” after that change, the really interesting work will begin. We will be moving group websites from their current location on midrealm.org to the new hosting solution. I will be working directly with each local web minister to assist in the migration and alerting the local group what is going on. These migrations will happen over the the span of several weeks (this is going to take a while with so many groups hosted on midrealm.org). As we get to each group we will announce which group is being migrated. Again, during parts of the migration, the group’s site will be briefly unavailable and we will coordinate the migration to avoid major events the group is hosting. Again, i thank you in advance for your patience as we work through this.

I you have any questions or concerns (or would like to help), please contact me at

In service, I remain,
THL Rijckaert vanUtrecht
Middle Kingdom Web Minister