Event Report: Border Skirmish Part 2

PART DUEX> Border Skirmish.

Ok…I know it has taken a little bit to post this, and in all truth this is the third time I have taken a run at this. But here goes…

The second part of the day began with the come down of post battle clean up and tear down… and the kinda always mad scramble to get presentable for Court. I was really nervous this Court… I have been really trying for the last couple of months to help with something…Mei Li needed a Red Co cape.

She has been INCREDIBLE for the whole time I have known her… and over the last few years has really stepped up her activities as a recruiter/equip/and trainer… not to mention being a hell of a lance/triad leader. She makes thing happen on the battlefield…and that is worthy. I’d blatter on, but instead I’ll just include here the main thrust of my personal Award Recommendation I wrote (As an aside….GO WRITE AWARD RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!)

“Your Majesties,
First I must say this… Mei Li is my Lady-wife and the best of my shieldmates. Never am I more joyous in battle, than when she is with me.
I hope it not seem strange for me to recommend my spouse for addition to the Order of the Red Company, a thing near and dear my own heart, but I feel that the Order would be well served by her addition.

Long has she been a force to be reckoned with upon the battle field, in truth from the time before I knew her, as evidenced by her Award of the Dragons Tooth in AS 39. She also gives of herself to the gain of the Kingdom, evidenced by her Award of the Purple Fret in AS 41.
However, her efforts in both recruiting, training, motivating and leading troops in Your Host is most worthy of her being a Sargent.

I pray my words be not seen as the mumbling of a love-stricken husband, although I am always that, but as the recommendation of one who wears the mantle of Your Red Company with utmost pride and would see it ever increased.

I remain, as always, an Instrument of Your Will.
Sgt Duncan Burns (Monster)
XO Midlands”

I really hoped this would happen…

Anyway… Court starts…which is always so damn cool.

Several of my friends are called up for Awards. Susanna Herst [Lauren Elder] got a Purple Frett… Arthur Archer [Bo Harris] got a Willow…both super well-earned and deserved and I was quite happy.

Then the Crown called for Red Company to fall in. I found myself one of the first up there (not an unusual thing) and I noted with some pride that the members of the Chivalry who were also Red Company joined us, which I always love. I was also extremely twiterpatied… my internal soundtrack was simply “PleasePleasePlease” interspersed with a list of all the other quite worthy folks in the room who also would look good in a cape. Then the Herald said Mei Li’s name. I was shocked… surprised and relieved all at once… for about 1/64th of a second. Then I panicked because I hadn’t completed a cape for her. I frantically clawed at my own cape, intending to smoothly drape it on her as she received her scroll. However… in my highly excited state I found my hands to be traitorous and uncooperative. Luckily, but not surprisingly, several other members of the Order helped me get it off (thanks Rowan and Max!!) and as she joined our ranks I draped it on her shoulders and was able to sneak a quick kiss… then I heard MY name. I really don’t know what happened then… mostly. I am pretty sure I made some kind of outburst (I think I thought I was saying Draco Invictus… but my mouth parts where not working so good.) and then I spent the rest of the time mostly prostrate before the King. As he spoke to me I attempted to rise to my knees… but seeing his eyes shine at me as he spoke undid me again. I was then… and still am now… having difficulty processing that I am a Captain of the Gold Mace. Those are the folks who you should take serious… they got their crap together… and have a clue. I really am humbled, and frankly full on blown away.

There were other pieces of business…All well-deserved…but those are not my story to tell.

After Court…well.

It rained.

We drank.

It stopped raining…sorta.

We drank some more… then it rained some more… and good times were had.

I always love hanging out with my SCA family… never a dull moment.