South Oaken Rapier War Practice

Greetings from Dayffd Blaidd, Baron Flaming Gryphon.

Push for Pennsic will be the one and only scheduled South Oaken Rapier War Practice. I ask that as many people who are fighting in the rapier battles at Pennsic, including cross-overs if possible, please try to take part in this practice. Tentative schedule (subject to alteration, possibly without notice) follows:

1000 – 1100 Inspections and Authorizations
1100 – 1130 Capture/Defend the Flag
1130 – 1230 Lunch/Pick-ups
1230 – 1300 Collect Resources
1315 – 1345 Line Engagement
1400 – 1500 Prize Tournament
1500 – 1630 Pick-ups

Fencers from outside South Oaken are encouraged to come and help with training and marshaling as well. Any participation will be appreciated.