Music Performance Opportunities at Pennsic

The Kingdom Bard writes:

My friends in music!

We have several opportunities to make a joyous noyse of service at Pennsic this year! Here are the opportunities I currently have:

1) Opening Ceremonies — While I am working on larger possibilities, Their Majesties certainly want to have a processional into Opening Ceremonies. We will play one of the processionals we have already done. If you can walk with TRM and play at the same time, so much the better, but if not, we’ll set up at the entrance to the hall, and play away! Opening Ceremonies are at 9 am on Sunday, August 2.

2) MidRealm Bardic Circle of All Reputes — Part of my mission as Kingdom Bard is to further increase the overlap in performance types at various venues. To that end, I invite all to come and perform at the MidRealm Bardic Circle on Sunday, August 2, starting at 8 pm in MidRealm Royal! All performances should be family friendly and around five minutes long.

3) The State Dinner! I am still seeking instrumental groups to play at the State Dinner for the assembled royalty of the Known World on Monday, August 3, for the following time-slots: 7:25-7:45, 7:45-8:05, and 8:30-8:50. Music should be period and incidental, and can include choral, group instrumental, or solo instrumental.

4) Midrealm Court is held from 8-9:30 pm on Thursday, August 6th. This is where we should shine. We have been performing at various courts through the entire reign, and Their Majesties would love to have beautiful music throughout court. Please sign up!

5) The Known World Party is going to be a chance to play your lighter party music. I can’t guarantee how many people will be able to hear you, but from 9:30pm to midnight on Thursday, August 6th, I will make space available and we can party on!

6) Closing Ceremonies take place on Friday, August 7th “after the war point battles are over.” That should be somewhere around 3 or 4 pm. I understand if it’s difficult to get ready for this, but if anyone can show up, that would be awesome.

7) Misc. There may be other, less formal opportunities to play; I’m still working that out with Their Majesties. This might be just playing the background at dinner time, or playing out front at the gate during Midnight Madness, or showing up at a field court that They determine They need music for. No details about this now, but I’ll let people know as I find out.

For all of the courts, processionals and recessionals should be as big as possible. Brass, drums, winds.

Lastly, I’d like to invite everyone to come out to the Pennsic Tri-Kingdom Bardic Expo, which starts at 5pm on Saturday, August 1st. Five up and coming bards each from the East, Aethelmarc and the MidREalm will be performing, and I’d love to have a great audience for them.

This is a wonderful time in the MidRealm for music. Their Majesties thank you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done.

In strength, in service and in song,