Simple Day in the Country & SCA 50 Year Celebration

Greetings to all my friends from Master Jean Paul Pierrepont;

Many of you will not be part of this note, but many are.

The SCA event “A Simple Day in the Country” will be held very soon (July 3-5) at the Hendricks County 4-H Fairgrounds near Indianapolis Indiana. While you are there, I ask that you take a few minutes and take a look at the facilities and grounds of the Fairgrounds. The equestrian area alone is 120′ x 250′, so that gives you 30,000 feet to do an equestrian event of proportions never seen in the Middle Kingdom. Oh wait, I didn’t say about the 110 stalls and the indoor and outdoor makeup arenas, the indoor and outdoor wash stalls, and covered seating for 1000 people.

And I didn’t mention another arena that is 45′ x 75′ with bleachers that will handle 1500 people. Do you believe that would be enough for a good heavy list field.

The fact that there is also yet another arena that will be set up very close to the one above for rapier, including bleachers.

Archery, Siege, Thrown Weapons will have a complex of their own with bleachers for outstanding tournaments and fun.

Arts and sciences/classes will have their own buildings and classrooms.

Why is JP putting this all out?

This site, with its overwhelming facilities, will be the site for the “Society for Creative Anachronism 50th Anniversary Bash” (that is not the official name). It will be a week-long event. If your job hates you and never will let you go to Pennsic, this is where you should go. This will only happen once, and the camping facilities are going to be wonderful. There will be tons and tons of information forthcoming. It is a year and a few days from happening. Oh yeah, the dates June 17-27, 2016 and the Facebook link

Oh yes, merchants (wow – shopping), displays of history from all the kingdoms, maybe some of the founders, will be there. So much is being planned, and so much of it will happen.
If you go to “Simple Day in the Country” take a good look, and plan for next year.

History will be shown, but even better, history will be made.

As always

Master Jean Paul Pierrepont OL OP & soup
Known as “JP”