Kingdom Earl Marshal on Youth Martial Activities

By now you have all heard about the PA Child Protection law, heard about how it may or may not impact Pennsic, probably heard about the ruling in the East Kingdom, and hopefully read today’s ruling from the Society Seneschal.

The TL/DR version is that the official stance of the SCA with regard to the law is that it does not impact the Society – particularly with regards to combat – as long as we are following our own internal rules. At this time, Pennsic will operate as has been previously described, with the yellow diamonds and contact phone numbers on minor combatants.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Pennsic Staff and Dame Caitriona ( Kat Dyer ) for their efforts to locate, read, and interpret the PA law in advance of the Society having a chance to review it and make an official policy announcement. The early interpretation made by our Seneschal and Pennsic Staff was correct and has gotten us to a place of being prepared for a happy War.

I’d also like to thank the populace of the Middle Kingdom for keeping their heads and not going all “Chicken Little” while this was hashed out and the plans finalized. You make my job easier.

Gregoire, KEM and Marshal 1 – Pennsic 2015