Pennsic 44 War Points & Schedule

Pennsic 44 War Points

All War Points will be fought between Sunday, August 2nd, and Friday, August 8th.

  • 15 points for armored combat
  • 10 points for rapier
  • 7 points for archery
  • 1 point for service
  • 1 point for A&S
  • 1 point each for thrown weapons and siege

For a total of 35 war points

War Point Schedule Overview

9 AM: Opening Ceremonies
Following Opening Ceremonies: Unbelted Champions Battle, Belted Champions Battle, Matched Champions Battle, and Century Champions Battle (each battle begins when the one before it ends.)

10 AM: Armored Castle Battle
11:00-1:00 PM Thrown Weapons War Point
1 PM: Rapier Manor Battle

10 AM: Armored Bridge Battles
1 PM: Rapier Village Battle
3 PM: Siege and Combat Archery Battle

9 AM: Arts & Sciences War Point
9:30 AM: Archery Champions’
11 AM: Rapier Champions Battle
12 PM: Rapier Heroic Champions Battle

11 AM: Armored Woods Battle
1 PM: Rapier Woods Battle

10 AM: Three Armored Field Battles
1 PM: Rapier Field Battles
Following the Field Battles: Closing Ceremonies

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
All Day: Service Point