Facebook Event Coordinator Announced.

Greetings Middle Kingdom!

We would like to help groups use the *official* SCA Kingdom of the Middle Facebook group to keep their events top of mind as they get closer. So, our kingdom calendar secretary, Kemma Quatremaine (Kim Kieffer) has agreed to create events on *this* page for events within the kingdom. Then, so the appropriate people can keep those events updated, the event steward and group seneschal will also be made “hosts” of that event. After the initial set up, Kemma will not do anything else with your group’s event. That’s up to the event steward and seneschal, or whomever is delegated to maintain the event notice.

We want to encourage people to take advantage of this to help keep event updates in one FB location. If your group already has an event on the calendar, then, please, feel free to contact Kemma and she would be happy to create an event for your group here.

We hope groups will use this as a way to publicize certain volunteer opportunities as well, by letting folks know when items such as Range or List Field setup will be happening and when help would be welcome. That will enable people to ask for help in advance and get more marshals warranted in a number of different areas.

Please let Kim know if your group would like to take advantage of this service. Likewise, please feel free to give her or me feedback on this option.

Thank you,
Caitriona, Friendly Kingdom Seneschal

Disclaimer: This does not remove the need to make the appropriate requests through the kingdom calendar and a PALE ad, which remains the OFFICIAL info source, and which are required by Kingdom Law. Your group is not required to use this new avenue. This is a supplemental marketing opportunity for events which have been publicized on FB as a separate entry up to this time.