Their Highnesses’ August Letter to the Populace

Greetings from the Prince and Princess!

As We write this, it has been barely three fortnights since We were crowned Prince and Princess. In that time, the outpouring of support from the Midrealm has been overwhelming. We are truly humbled by the support you have shown Us. Thank you. We shall endeavor to always be worthy of your love and respect.

During this time, We have both authorized rapier, and are proud and excited to stand with the Midrealm army on the rapier list. For the Pennsic War, several rapier-authorized Knights have agreed to serve as guard for Her Highness, and the newly minted Masters of Defence have agreed to serve as guard for His Highness. We deeply appreciate this support, and look forward to these battles and the opportunity to, as one Master of Defence so elegantly expressed it, “go smash things.”

We have a full travel schedule for the summer, and very much look forward to seeing you at Pennsic and into the Fall.

In service to the Midrealm and her people,
Nikolai & Serena