Paladin’s Pantry Food Drive at Pennsic

Dear Gentles,

Have you ever found yourself with more to pack at the end of Pennsic then you did when you set out from home, only to find that your vehicle seems to have shrunk? Is your kitchen area full of boxes of cereal, pasta, jars of peanut butter, and jugs of bottled water you can’t remember buying?

Never fear! The annual Paladin’s Pantry Food Drive is here to help by conveying your camp’s extra food and drink to a local food bank. Just drop any unopened foodstuffs or beverages (no alcohol, please) at one of our handy collection points:

  • BMDL Baronial (N10) Central Serengeti
  • Venshavn (E24) Next to Wulfden’s Back Door
  • House Sable Maul (N29) Count Jehan’s Bounty
  • House Finisterre (B09) Far West Side
  • Clan Blue Feather (E12) Slope of Horde Hill
  • House Akeru Thunder (E17) Hill Road
  • The Lusty Wench Tavern (E17) Across from Chalk Man Pub
  • The Chalk Man Pub (E17) Hill Road and Good Intentions
  • House Iron Lance (W13) Base of Runestone Hill
  • House Arindale (B08) Just west of Battlefield
  • Puffin’s Rock Inn (N01) Next to Great Hall
  • Offices of the Pennsic Independent –Top of Runestone Hill
  • Northshield Royal (EO2) Between Low Road and The Strand
  • Aethelmearc Royal (N04) Next to Pennsic University
  • or call or text our donation coordinator at 703-344-8479 or 304-283-5640 to schedule a pick up, our faithful minions will come by your camp to collect your much-appreciated largesse!

In addition, this year the program will be collecting used tents, sleeping bags, cots, and rain gear, (especially those in child sizes), which will serve no one in a dumpster, to benefit the homeless.

Exercise your charity, lighten your load, and help members of the community that has made us so welcome over the years!

Please direct any questions to Morien MacBain (Lusty Wench Tavern, E17) 304-283-5640.