Populace Processional at Pennsic

My fellow MidRealmers!

At Pennsic this year, as we process to Opening Ceremonies, we will be singing “Born on the List Field” and “Where are the Dragons”.

Tradition holds that the words to “Born on the List Field” are not to be written down. That means that everyone sings it a little bit differently. I have uploaded my version of the chorus to the link below.

“Where are the Dragons” changes a little bit every reign to match the current Monarchs’ names. I have also added some verses in the intervening years. Words and a recording of a few lyrics and the chorus can also be found at the link below.

Join us and sing the glory of the MidRealm! Muster for Opening Ceremonies begins at 8 am on Sunday, August 2 at the Pennsic War!

In strength, in service and in song, I am

Andrew Blackwood
Dragon Bard

Pennsic Processionals