SCA 50th Memorial Shield Wall Project

As we celebrate our Society completing its 50th year, we look around and see gaps. Dust to dust it is said, but “no one dies who lives within a heart” (Michael Longcor / Duke Moonwulf) and we want to share those who are lost to time but living in our hearts at this time. So, whether it is a person or some kind of entity (households, groups and events) that is no longer part of the fabric of our lives, the Shield Wall will be a highlight at the 50th Anniversary Celebration Event to share with the attendees (and hopefully on our website.)

We invite citizens of all 20 kingdoms to visit our website, , and submit as many entries as you’d like for this project. We can give you the opportunity to submit your entry online via our convenient webform or you can mail us your entry (see details on website).

It is up to you to help us all remember our absent friends, households, groups, or events. We will give them all a place of honour at the event.

Elashava Bas Riva