Known World Metal & Glass Symposium Registration Open

The very first Known World Metal & Glass Symposium is coming up soon! Northshield is looking forward to welcoming metalworkers, glassworkers, potters, armorers, jewelers, weaponsmiths, black and whitesmiths of all levels.

September 2-7 will see a multitude of classes on everything about metal and glass that we can find teachers for. We have classes in smelting, blacksmithing, armoring, lampworking, coining, chasing and repousse, and many other things. A pottery track has been added, as well. There are classes for the beginner as well as the advanced artisans and those in between.

Some of the unique classes include “Bog to Blade”, where we will start with raw bog iron and work the whole process of refining metal all the way to a knife, and a class on Egyptian faiance, the very beginnings of glass, before our time period.

Registration is now open. Go to for more information.

We would love to have more classes, especially in jewelry, casting, stained glass, armoring, and pottery. If you are willing to teach, please contact with what you would like to teach. We want beginning level classes and advanced classes, so most ideas would be more than welcome.