Royal Travel Fund Auction

Mistress Rosamund writes:

(Russian) WINTER IS COMING – and the (Russian) WINTER (reign) WILL BE SEVEN MONTHS LONG!

Due to circumstances of calendar, SCA 50 and other considerations, TRH Nikolai & Serena have a seven-month reign. An EXTRA month means EXTRA traveling, and EXTRA traveling means EXTRA expenses. To that end, I am organizing a ROYAL TRAVEL FUND AUCTION to benefit Their future coffers, to be held at Their Crown Tournament in the Barony of Brendoken on October 17th.

Children of the Dragon, we need both donors of wondrous items and bidders with generous hearts and full purses to show up at the auction. If you have an item you can bring or send to Crown, raise your voice! If you have a talent you can lend to craft some item by Crown, sing out! And by all means bring the jingle, jangle, jingle of your purse (or the green fold-y stuff, or that paper where you sign your name and rip it out of a little book…).

TRH Themselves are starting off the donations with several items. Won’t you join Their Noble example as we get this effort underway?

I will be at Harvest Days and probably at Coronation. Other than that, I won’t be travelling but anyone in TRH’s retinue should be able to collect items and get them to Crown. As long as you get them to someone who can get them to Crown, we’re good.