More from Their Highnesses on Crown Tourney

People of the MidRealm!

You have seen the requirements for entry into Our Crown Tournament. Before you petition Us, think well on what it will mean to be Our Heirs. Every monarch has great responsibilities to the Kingdom, but those who follow Us will have the added burden of ruling during the 50th year of the Society. The expectations of your subjects and your Royal Cousins of foreign lands will be magnified. Do not undertake this endeavor lightly.

Some questions have arisen about entry into Our Crown. Most of these questions are already answered by Kingdom Law (, specifically, “ARTICLE VI – Crown Tournaments and Coronations.” If you wish to be the next Prince and Princess of the MidRealm, you should have read this already.

Other than an A&S entry (one per couple) and those outlined by law, We have set no additional requirements for entry. To wit: entrants need not be armigerous and unbelted fighters need not have a letter of recommendation from a peer.

Letters of intent (including photo ID with birthdate and proof of membership valid through at least the month following Crown) are due to Us and to the Kingdom Seneschal no later than the day of Our Coronation, September 26, 2015. This date is also set by Kingdom Law and is absolute. Your letter must also include the name of the person serving as your regalia coordinator for the day.

Letters of intent can be emailed (preferred) to Us at . Do not forget to include scans of photo ID and membership cards for both combatant and consort. This information must likewise be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal, .

Those desiring to send Us physical copies can do so to:

Craig & Sheri Israel
4620 Wilburn Dr.
South Euclid, OH 44121

Again, this information must also be sent to the Kingdom Seneschal. Dame Caitriona’s physical address can be found at

Accepted petitioners will receive notification from Us that you have been accepted into Our Crown Tournament.

In service to the MidRealm,

Nikolai and Serena
Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom