Royal Travel Fund Auction – Update

Hellooooo Midrealmers!

[Mistress] Rosamund the Wonderpest here, interrupting your Sunday afternoon to bring you the latest tidings of the wondrous donations for the Royal Travel Fund Auction at Crown Tourney (October 17th, Barony of Brendoken). Here we go!

  • Blue & purple sideless surcoat trimmed in white rabbit fur, donated by HRH Serena Kimbalwyke
  • 36” string of small multicolor glass beads, donated by TRH Nikolai & Serena
  • Yellow gambeson, size large, donated by House Red Lion
  • Wooden handle dagger, donated by TRH Nikolai & Serena
  • 18” pink & white freshwater pearl necklace, donated by Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage
  • Nesting dragon cake pan, donated by Mistress Rosamund Beauvisage
  • Gift certificate for a custom structured late period hat of the winning bidder’s choosing, donated by Kjalvor Saebjornardottir.
  • Set of wooden peg dolls commissioned in the winner’s likeness, donated by Meadhbh Ramsay, Barony of Sternfeld.
    Pictures of these will soon be on the Crown Tournament website and a special auction FB page.
  • Gift certificate for a of 5 medieval dishes fit for a sideboard (aka dishes which are served cold):1 meat (or vegetarian substitute), 3 sides and a dessert. To be delivered to winner at either Xmas Tourney or Better War Through Archery.

Also, although not technically an auction item, Lady Albina Gherardi, called Bina, a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist, will provide chair massages as a 50/50 split at Crown Tourney to assist with the Travel Fund.

A successful auction relies on both item donations AND generous bidders. Right now we need more donations! These folks have gotten us started. WHO IS NEXT??!!??