Call for teachers at Dragon Quest

Please help new folks find the magic you did in the SCA: teach a class at Dragon’s Quest! (October 24, the week AFTER Crown!).

When you were new, what questions did you have? Now, think about teaching a class on those questions (or asking an expert you know to teach).

Martial classes, challenging in an overview format, are especially needed. Perhaps:

  • What to Expect at Fighter Practice
  • What Do I Need To Participate in Combat?
  • Archery Basics: Finding a Bow, Finding Arrows, Stringing Bows

In non-combat areas, limiting topics to manageable chunks makes them less intimidating for folks just entering the Society. Consider:

  • Learn Country Dances: (teach your favorite two!)
  • Hoop It Up: Three Necessary (And Period) Embroidery Stitches
  • How Can I Help? What Goes on Behind the Scenes At Event

I’m sure all of you can think of more, and I’m hoping to be deluged with classes really soon!

Essentially, think about overview topics that cover the bases, but leave room for questions and answers. Yes, it means you just hit the high points–but remember, we’re looking for enough to give folks a decent foundation, but with enough room left over to ask questions, and decide for themselves what they want to dive into!

Katarina Peregrine
Class Coordinator, Dragon’s Quest