Monthly Archive: October 2015

Application Deadline Extension – President, SCA Inc.

Leslie Vaughn, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., has announced that the SCA Board of Directors is continuing to accept applications for the position of President of the SCA Inc. until March 31st, 2016. All applications received will be evaluated after March 31st, 2016.

The Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. is currently accepting applications for the position of President of the SCA Inc. This is a position requiring approximately 10-20 hours per week and includes a stipend.


Equestrian Authorizations Update

Greetings Middle Kingdom riders!!

The database on the Middle Kingdom website is in the process of being updated to reflect the new authorization levels (currently it is from the old system). That being said, I will need a list of everyone that is authorized and in what. I have a very incomplete list and need to hear from everyone that is authed. Since I have no way to get in touch with many of you, I need your help! (more…)

Report from the Fall Board of Directors Meeting

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope reports on the SCA Board meeting held in the Debatable Lands on Oct. 24. This is an unofficial report; for the official report, see the Board meeting minutes that will be published at a later date on the SCA Newsletters site.

A quarterly meeting of the SCA’s Board of Directors is much like any other business meeting. The participants wear modern business clothing (some were in suits), they sit at a U-shaped table with the audience forming the fourth side of the square, and they operate under Robert’s Rules of Order with motions proposed, seconded, and approved with a rap of the chairman’s gavel.

Even the topics discussed might not seem out of place in a modern board room: finances, publications, approval of meeting minutes, and changes in procedure took up much of the day. Coffee and tea were served.

Of course, the big difference is that the topics all pertained to the SCA.bod-meeting-small

Photo by Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope.


A Challenge for Flame Tourney

I, Ceadda of Fox Hall, holding no esteemed title above that of humble Seneschal to the Barony of the Flame, here issues a challenge to be held at the annual celebration of Christmas Tourney this year to be held on the fifth of December in our kingdom’s most southern region (Elizabethtown, Kentucky). I challenge any and all good people to do unto their best a recreation of the costume of any person as depicted in some ancient or medieval artwork, be it painting, carving, statue, or what have you, and to do so as accurately as possible. The only required documentation requested is an image of artwork. A small prize or token will be awarded. Seek me out on the day of the Tourney to submit yourself for judgement.
May your needles ever be sharp and your seam-ripper close to hand.

Lord Ceadda of Fox Hall

Seneschal to the Barony of the Flame

Keeper of the Keys

Defender of the Larder

Prizes Announced for Cynnabar Grand Day of Tournaments

Let the word go forth of the marvelous prizes for the grand prize tournament winners at Grand Day of Tournaments this coming November 7 … real bits of history from the 13th and 15th centuries that you can hold in your hand! Learn more about Grand Day of Tournaments at and and check out our Facebook event page at — do let us know if you’re planning to attend! Also please feel free to share this image so that we may tempt others to enter our tournaments!


Kingdom History Web Site Survey

Greetings to the Middle Kingdom from your new Historian!

If you were to visit a Midrealm History website – what would you expect to see?! I’ve put together a survey of topics for you to rate based on what you think is important to include, along with space for you to submit other wonderful topics that I haven’t thought of! I know many of you will have fantastic ideas, and I would greatly appreciate your responses so that I can prioritize my next steps for this project. I invite you to share this survey far and wide throughout the Kingdom, via this Book of Faces, email lists, or however you choose to communicate with others. I will keep the survey available until 11:59pm EST on Friday, October 30th. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Help with the new Kingdom web site?

Greetings MIdrealm!

The Middle Kingdom Web Minister needs you! We are in the process of assembling the team necessary to put together the revamped Kigndom Web Site and there’s a ton of pages and pieces of content that will require someone to update on the new site. As they say, “Many hands make light work.” If you are interested in helping out this endeavor, please email me at with your name and your relevant skill set (HTML, CSS, Graphic Design, CMSes like WordPress, PHP, etc) and we’ll see where we can best apply your talents.

Thank you!

Rijckaert vanUtrecht
Kingdom Web Minister

August Heraldic Decisions for the Middle Kingdom

The August Letter of Acceptances and Returns has just been published. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. It can be found online here:
Official notification will come out shortly to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant, Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Look for an email form ; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification. (more…)

Court Reports, September AS 50

Court of Their Majesties Ragnvaldr and Arabella, 5 September AS 50 (CE 2015) held at Pounce in Their canton of Catteden. Heralded by Piotr Zavilov, Milesent Vibert, Angharad, Wulfgar of Oakford. Seneschal was Piotr Zavilov.

AoA: Gwynedd Cole, Castiel Ghillechearr, Deorsa MacGhillechearr, Ingarr Sveinsson, Neassa O’ Cathasaigh
  • Red Company: Brice Colquhoun
  • Purple Fret: Ari ben Lazar
  • Doe’s Grace: Portia of Vito’s Minions
  • Pelican: Gregoire de Lyon
  • KSCA: Jamie von Atzinger