A Challenge for Flame Tourney

I, Ceadda of Fox Hall, holding no esteemed title above that of humble Seneschal to the Barony of the Flame, here issues a challenge to be held at the annual celebration of Christmas Tourney this year to be held on the fifth of December in our kingdom’s most southern region (Elizabethtown, Kentucky). I challenge any and all good people to do unto their best a recreation of the costume of any person as depicted in some ancient or medieval artwork, be it painting, carving, statue, or what have you, and to do so as accurately as possible. The only required documentation requested is an image of artwork. A small prize or token will be awarded. Seek me out on the day of the Tourney to submit yourself for judgement.
May your needles ever be sharp and your seam-ripper close to hand.

Lord Ceadda of Fox Hall

Seneschal to the Barony of the Flame

Keeper of the Keys

Defender of the Larder