Equestrian Authorizations Update

Greetings Middle Kingdom riders!!

The database on the Middle Kingdom website is in the process of being updated to reflect the new authorization levels (currently it is from the old system). That being said, I will need a list of everyone that is authorized and in what. I have a very incomplete list and need to hear from everyone that is authed. Since I have no way to get in touch with many of you, I need your help!

If you or anyone you know are authorized I need you to send me a list with your SCA name, mundane name and what authorizations you have.

Remember- you need to have ridden at an event/official practice within the past year to keep your authorization.

The database will be purged and started from scratch with the new system in place. I will still be able to add you later, but getting an accurate list now will be very helpful to the MotL.

Please send me your info to my email (). If you send a list of several names that would be great. So talk to your fellow equestrians. Feel free to crosspost. you for your help in this!