Royalty Missive for December

Greetings unto the good people of the Middle Kingdom from Your Tsar and Tsarina!

Rejoice! The Kingdom’s lineage is secure as We have Heirs! After a magnificent day of chivalric combat, Cameron of Beckenham won the day inspired by His lovely wife, Amalie of Beckenham. We are well pleased to know that when We have grown old and pass from the Dragon Thrones, the Middle Kingdom will continue on with wise and loving rulers. Hoobah!

As the season grows cold, Our attention is drawn to the arts and sciences. It is well known that Midrealm artisans are among the best in the Knowne World. We look forward to seeing many marvelous works as We attend A&S faires around the different regions.

We recently announced the Queen’s A&S Challenge. The question has arisen as to what Our expectations are for the ultimate winners of Her Royal Majesty’s three challenges. It is Our intention that each person stand as an example for the A&S community. They should continue their exploration of the arts as they are able and to support the arts in their region to the best of their ability. They are, of course, welcome to stand in Our Court and be part of the Royal retinue. However, we do not expect any of the champions to travel as extensively as We do.

In service to the Midrealm and Her people,
Tsar Nikolai & Tsarina Serena