RUM Chess Challenge

Casino di Fortuna has long wished to offer chess for monetary stakes, as was done of old, and is delighted and honored to host His Highness as House Chessmaster, at his pleasure, this RUM, November 21st.

From noon until 2:30pm, it will please Prince Cameron to take on all challengers at chess, the game of kings. All are welcome to play, and try their strength against our once and future king. Indeed, your Prince is eagerly looking forward to playing as many challengers as possible and encourages his future subjects to so indulge his desire.

So eager is he, His Highness graciously extends a handicap, and will permit you to remove two of his pieces of your choosing before start of play!

The games will be for stakes, and Casino di Fortuna pledges to pay three coins for every coin you wager, should you best our champion.