From the Middle Kingdom Exchequer’s Desk: NMS Fees

Recently the Board of Directors discussed when NMS (non-member surcharge) fees are to be collected. We, the Kingdom Exchequers, have been asking questions about this interpretation, and we believe that we have an understandable document.

The Non Member Surcharge of $5.00 (five dollars) shall be collected at every Society, Kingdom or Local group event where:
1. The event is advertised in either the Kingdom Newsletter or the Kingdom website and/or a local newsletter or local web site
2. Where it is anticipated that the SCA’s insurance will be covering the Kingdom or local group and its officers/agents
3. Where a site fee (or suggested donation) is being charged for admittance.
Any participant who attends such an event who does not possess a valid membership card must be charged a $5.00 (five dollars) Non Member Surcharge (NMS) in addition to the site fee or suggested donation amount and that NMS shall be collected and submitted to the Kingdom Exchequer or their assigned deputy within 10 business days.  The Kingdom Exchequer is responsible for submitting the NMS for both Kingdom and local group events by the end of the following month.

Limited exceptions to the NMS rule:
1.  Demonstrations — If the Kingdom or local group is hosting a demo at a school, a Renaissance Faire or some other gathering run by another organization (either for-profit or non-profit), the collection of NMS is not necessary; however, if the Kingdom or local group is either hosting or co-hosting the event and charging either a site fee or suggesting a donation, NMS shall be collected.
2. Regular Occurring Meetings: No NMS need be collected at a weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual re-occurring event, i.e. not at an officers meeting, a local group fighter practice, or regularly scheduled local arts & science meetings. If there is an officers meeting (or any other meeting or practice) at a published event charging a site fee or a suggested donation, this meeting/practice (as part of another event) does not negate the need to collect NMS.

A question was posed about scheduled practices/meetings that require a site fee to pay the cost of the practice/meeting site. The response was:

If this is a semi-regularly occurring event, where garb s optional, and charges a fee or donation that only covers the use of the site and no money is keep by the group, then you do not have to collect NMS.